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Siemens Wash Dry D12 52 Reset UPD

Washing/drying with standard settingsYour washer-dryer can be used in three ways:Washing onlyDrying onlyWashing and drying without a break in betweenWashing onlyif(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'manuals_plus-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_4',117,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-manuals_plus-large-mobile-banner-2-0');Turn the programme selector to the desired programme. The Start/Pause indicator light flashesThe progress bar, default rinse cycle, maximum load, default washing temperature, default spin speed, drying duration and programme duration are displayed for the selected programme.Select any additional options required e.g. Intensive, Pre-wash or extra rinse.Touch the Start/Pause button. The programme starts and the indicator light remains lit for the entire duration of the programme.Drying onlyTurn the programme selector to Intensive Dry or Gentle DryTouch the button to set the desired drying time or automatic drying.The progress bar, maximum drying load, drying time and programme duration are displayed.Touch the Start/Pause button and the drying programme starts.Washing and drying without interruption

Siemens Wash Dry D12 52 Reset

Een Siemens wasmachine kun je eenvoudig resetten door hem uit te zetten en 5 seconden te wachten. Zet het apparaat vervolgens weer aan. Kijk voordat je de wasmachine reset altijd eerst welke foutcode er op het display staat. Hieronder staat een lijst met alle foutcodes en hoe je deze op kunt lossen. Soms zal het nodig zijn om de hulp van een monteur in te roepen.

More generally this code means there was some kind of internal communication error so there could be something wrong with the motor PCB or pump. First thing to do is reset the code to see if it comes back.

4. A washing machine comprising a rotatable drum (11) for receiving laundry, a motor (27) for driving the drum (11), AC power input means (90) for powering the motor (27), ripple current sensing means (120) for sensing the ripple in the input AC power, voltage sensing means (110) for sensing the voltage of input AC power and control means (130) configured to control the speed of the motor (27) for spin drying operation in dependence on the magnitude of the sensed ripple current and on the voltage sensed by the voltage sensing means, characterised in that the control means (130) is configured for operating the motor (27) at a predetermined speed and determining the magnitude of said ripple, from the output of the ripple current sensing means (120), a predetermined time period after the motor (27) has reached said predetermined speed."

The documents D9 to D12 filed in the appeal should be admitted into the proceedings because, since there were no handbooks available dealing with the measurement of the imbalance of rotating drums in washing machines, they represented the general knowledge of the skilled person in this technical field.

4.1 The closest prior art document D5 discloses a method of performing spin drying using a washing machine having a drum driving motor 6, the method comprising the steps of determining the magnitude of a current ripple in the AC power input to the washing machine for driving the motor, determining that this magnitude is below a threshold value and controlling the speed of the motor in dependence on this ripple magnitude, wherein the motor is operated at a predetermined speed when determining the magnitude of said ripple (claim 1, claim 4).

4.4 The Appellant argued further based on the general knowledge represented by D9 to D12, according to which the skilled person would be aware of the fact that the accuracy of the measurement of a current ripple could be improved by starting it after a setting time (Einschwingzeit). However, these documents deal with the technical problem of the measurement of the imbalance of drums in washing machines in configurations which are different from that underlying the invention, and therefore no direct hint can be derived from them to isolate only one specific feature out of their combination and to apply it in a different method or embodiment.

4.6 Independent claim 4 relates to a washing machine comprising the technical means for carrying out the method of claim 1. The claimed combination of features is not arrived at by any combination of the documents as discussed above, in particular the skilled person would not be led to the characterizing feature that the control means is configured for operating the motor at a predetermined speed and determining the magnitude of the ripple, from the output of the ripple current sensing means, a predetermined time period after the motor has reached its predetermined speed. Thus the subject-matter claimed is also inventive.


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