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Free And Moving Boundary Problems Crank Pdf High Quality

Free and moving boundary problems occur in such varied subjects as hydrology, heat flow, metallurgy, molecular diffusion, flame propagation, steel and glass production, and oil drilling and mathematical finance. This book presents a comprehensive account of the mathematical formulation of such problems and many new methods of solution. Computer methods, which allow multi-dimensional, multi-phase practical problems to be solved, are discussed. This book was written because of the upsurge of interest and research in this field. It bridges the gap between the various interested parties (including mathematicians, numerical and financial analysts, hydrologists, mechanical and chemical engineers, soil scientists, molecular biologists, physicists, metallurgists, and material scientists). The examples given are drawn from a variety of these fields. "... a broad but detailed account on mathematical and numerical methods for free and moving boundary problems that will be accessible to researchers both in the applied sciences and in applied mathematics.", C M Elliot, SIAM, Dec. 1988

Free And Moving Boundary Problems Crank Pdf

1.:Moving boundary problems: formulation 2.:Free boundary problems: formulation 3.: Analytical solutions 4.: Front-tracking methods 5.:Front-fixing methods 6.: Fixed-domain methods 7.:Analytical solution of seepage problems 8.:Numerical solution of free boundary problems References Author index Subject index

Abstract:Fixed and moving boundary problems for the one-dimensional heat equation are considered. A unified approach to solving such problems is proposed by embedding a given initial-boundary value problem into an appropriate initial value problem on the real line with arbitrary but given functions, whose solution is known. These arbitrary functions are determined by imposing that the solution of the initial value problem satisfies the given boundary conditions. Exact analytical solutions of some moving boundary problems that have not been previously obtained are provided. Moreover, examples of fixed boundary problems over semi-infinite and bounded intervals are given, thus providing an alternative approach to the usual methods of solution.Keywords: heat equation; analytical solution; moving boundary problem; fixed boundary problem 350c69d7ab


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