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Subhash Palekar Books in Hindi: A Guide to Natural Farming

Subhash Palekar Books in Hindi: A Guide to Natural Farming

Subhash Palekar is a renowned Indian farmer and agricultural scientist who has developed a method of natural farming that does not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation. His method, known as Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF), is based on the principles of nature and aims to restore the balance and harmony of the soil, plants, animals, and humans.

subhash palekar books in hindi

Subhash Palekar has written several books on natural farming in different languages, including Hindi. Some of his popular books in Hindi are:

  • Prakruthi Vyavasayam Subhash Palekar Colour Book: This book explains the basics of SPNF and how to implement it on different crops. It also contains color photographs of various natural farming practices and results.[^1^]

  • Shoonya Bandavalada Naisargika Krushi: This book is a two-volume set that covers the philosophy and technology of SPNF. It also discusses the causes and effects of global warming and climate change, and how natural farming can be a solution.[^2^]

  • SubhÄáa pÄlÄkara kruÅÄnÄ philÅsÅphÄ anÄ áÄkanÅlÅjÄ: This book is a comprehensive guide to the philosophy and technology of SPNF. It covers topics such as soil fertility, water management, pest control, crop rotation, seed selection, and more.[^3^]

If you are interested in learning more about natural farming and Subhash Palekar's method, you can buy his books online from or other websites. You can also visit his official website for more information and resources.

Subhash Palekar is not the only farmer who has advocated for natural farming. Another famous proponent of this approach is Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher who wrote the influential book The One-Straw Revolution. Fukuoka's method of natural farming is based on four principles: no tillage, no fertilizer, no pesticides, and no weeding. He believed that nature knows best and that humans should not interfere with its processes.

Fukuoka's book has inspired many people around the world to adopt natural farming and to live in harmony with nature. Some of his other books are The Road Back to Nature, Natural Way of Farming, and The Sowing Seeds in the Desert. You can find his books online or in bookstores, or you can visit his website for more information and resources.

Natural farming is not only a way of growing food, but also a way of living. It can help us to reduce our environmental impact, improve our health, and reconnect with our true selves. If you are interested in natural farming, you can start by reading Subhash Palekar's and Masanobu Fukuoka's books, and by applying their principles in your own garden or farm. You will be amazed by the results and the benefits of natural farming. 0efd9a6b88


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