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Relocating to Charlotte?

We make it easy and fun!

young girl in red car relocating to Charlotte


Gini was a huge help all the way through our purchasing process.  We did not know what to ask for, much less how to get it. We would recommend Gini without reservation to anyone who needs a strong Charlotte realtor.

I have no doubt that Gini's amazing eye for design and decor, and her solid grasp of how to transform a home into a place prospective buyers can envision themselves would be invaluable assets to anyone planning to sell their home. I can't imagine ever going through another home sale without her!

Gini helped us by narrowing down some of the options we had seen and what our next move was going to be. She was understanding, patient and compassionate throughout this entire process. She just got us!

Karen and Johnny Smith

Pamela Murner

Fernando and Christina Pellicer

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