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Relocating to a new area can be tough.  We are very experienced in the process both professionally and personally.  That's why we know the little things that can make all the difference in helping you acclimate with the least amount of stress.  Whether you are moving to Charlotte or moving out of Charlotte, we can make the transition go smoothly. 

Relocation Services

Moving out of Charlotte

Every client who lists with us gets more than a real estate agent.  Gini Swancy is an certified staging professional who started her career in design and staging.  We provide light staging, at no cost, to all of our listing clients.  We have the ability to manage every aspect of the move if necessary!​

  • Professional staging to prepare your home for market

    • Every client receives a checklist of recommended actions to prepare your home for market​

    • If you don't have time to complete the checklist yourself, we can manage the process for you 

    • Furnishings available for empty or partially empty homes

  • Absence assistance:  you've been transferred and are not able to be in the area for a variety of appointments​

    • Donation pick-ups​

    • Vendor meetings (painters, handymen, electrician, etc.)

    • Repairs per contract

    • Regular check-ins to make sure everything is in tip top shape​

    • We'll even send our housekeepers to do the final cleaning before closing

  • Day of move assistance​

    • Need someone to meet the movers?​

    • Need someone to make sure that things are being packed and organized well?

    • Need someone to bring drinks and lunch for the movers?

    • We can take care of the entire move day for you

Moving to Charlotte

Every client who hires us to help them find the perfect home in Charlotte, is blown away by the level of service.  We are top real estate agents who are so much more.  We ask you very different questions than most agents.  Gini developed and published a personal style guide years ago and has found that it translates to real estate as well.  There is more to your life than the home you live in, we know that, we know how to get to the information, and we use technology to deliver richer experiences to every buyer. 

  • Lifestyle profile

    • Your happy place is here and we know how to find it

    • You will love your home, but you will love the area when you leave your home

  • Technology tour

    • We show you the area so that you can make the most of your time on the ground

    • We compare what you like about where you currently live to the areas that correspond in Charlotte

    • You will come to town knowing exactly what to expect

  • The home tour

    • There is a psychology to what a buyer can handle in a day and we know the thresholds well

    • We take care of you, we don't just show you houses

    • Our in-depth knowledge of the metro area is important to find you just the right home

    • If we cannot answer a question, we find the answer

  • Negotiation​

    • What happens after we find the perfect home is the most important part of our job​

    • Our financial services backgrounds provide us with the expertise to know what a home is worth and to be able to present offers in a way that gets our clients the best shot at being the offer that is chosen

  • Financing​

    • Mark is a mortgage industry expert and can help guide you to the mortgage company that will ​serve your needs best

    • We can help you move your paperwork through the process quickly by preparing you for what you will need to provide

  • Getting you from offer to close​

    • We are on top of everything and make sure that the close date will be met by all parties​

    • We take responsibility for making your process go as smoothly as possible!

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