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Mark and Gini Swancy relocation specialists

Mark and Gini Swancy

We believe that the only thing that is important is our professional and personal experiences that will help you have a wonderful relocation to Charlotte.  Mark and I decided to focus our business on relocations specifically because we have been there many, many times.   

Together we have experienced 4 relocations.  Before we were married I experienced 2 relocations and Mark had 6 relocations!  We've also made a couple of moves on our own in between.  Between us, you could say that we are definitely above average on the relocation scale!

It's funny that this didn't even start in our adult lives.  Both of us had childhoods full of relocations.  Mark and his family moved all over the

South and Southeast while my family moved around the Southwest, Midwest and West.  We've had quite the range of experiences.

What this means to you is that we have been a lot of places, bought homes in different regions, worked with relocation companies, moved on our own with a stipend and been relocated to Charlotte twice!  Our experience has been different with every move.  We know what worked and what didn't work.

We have a firm grasp on what relocation feels like on a personal level.  We know what our clients are going through.  We know what it is like, not just to move, but to move to someplace completely new.  We know what it is like to find the grocery store that suits you, to find new doctors, a new person to cut your hair (yikes!), groomers, unique shops for home decor and more.  We also know what it is like to do this with kids, as empty nesters and as single people.  We've been in every one of those situations.  

Beyond our personal experience with relocation, Mark and I have been in real estate or other peripheral industries for two decades.  Mark spent 32 years with Bank of America, over half of that time was in the mortgage company.  I have a background in design and home staging.  I've worked with corporate relocation clients for years to get their homes market ready.  All of our personal and professional experience makes us the right choice for your next relocation.  

If you would like to know more about our professional backgrounds, please visit our LinkedIn profiles.   


Mark Swancy                      Gini Swancy

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