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I had accidentally fallen into the business of real estate staging by helping a friend who

is a developer. He liked what I was carrying in my retail store and asked me to stage a

new loft development...then an apartment building...then a new office condo. I LOVED

creating a lifestyle and personality for each property. I would think about who was going

to come see that specific development and make it feel like a place that they could fall

in love with. When we got transferred again, I staged our home in the same way and it

sold in an hour and a half for our asking price.

I kept staging for top real estate agents and again for my own family.  I kept seeing a 

trend...the houses that were staged got significantly more traffic and sold in far less 

time than similar houses that were not staged. The more clients I worked with, the more

I wanted to provide an even greater level of service. I felt like taking the next step

and getting my real estate license would allow me to help me deliver an exceptional

experience to my clients.

Buying or selling a home is a big decision. I know because we have done it a lot in the last 20 years! Every time we have bought or sold a house, there were things that I wish I had considered before we made the purchase. I discovered things I didn't even know to ask. Those experiences are the experiences that make me the realtor that I am today. I ask a lot of questions. I want to know what will make you happy whether you are in your new home or in the community surrounding your home.

The number of bedrooms, style of the home and neighborhood are important. But so is the proximity to other things that make you happy. I will ask you questions that seem a little odd, but I'm getting to the root of what you lifestyle will look like and how happy you will be. That is the most important thing to me in any transaction.

We mean it when we say "Real estate is our business, PEOPLE are our passion". We joined Ivester Jackson Christie's International because they are as picky as we are. You must be invited to be a part of Christie's International Real Estate. They only invite the best of the best and we are proud to be a part of that! Not only are we a part of the best real estate company in the world, we are with the top Christie's International affiliate, Ivester Jackson.


Yes, we are the top company in Charlotte for $2mil plus properties. But we serve just as many clients who are looking under $500k! Our intention is that everyone gets world class service. It is what drives us to just be better.

If you want to see more about my professional background, please check out my LinkedIn profile. 


Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple: Listen and understand how we can help you create the lifestyle you desire through your home search or home sale. 

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