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Relocation to Charlotte, NC

southern style homes
Charleston style homes in Baxter Village

Moving can be really exciting! I moved to the Charlotte area twice. Once from Kansas and then from Missouri. I was so impressed by the beauty of the city when I moved from Kansas. I cried when we were transferred from here to St. Louis, MO. Eight years later we were transferred back to Charlotte and a lot had changed. The city had grown, the restaurants were better, and the entertainment was impressive. What hadn't changed was that it was still one of the most beautiful cities I've had the pleasure of living in.

When I became a Realtor® in North and South Carolina, I realized that this city is unique in that it has a style that suits everyone. I've lived in other markets where the styles were all similar and if you wanted different, you risked not being able to sell your house at some point. But here, we have our mid-century enclaves, our craftsman homes, the traditional southern plantation style home, modern, transitional, suburban, country club, lake homes, airstrip homes, fabulous uptown condos, or tucked away condos in wooded areas. Horse farms, acreage, and even a vineyard once in awhile. This area is so diverse in terms of housing that it literally has something for everyone!

I've had a lot of clients coming from California or the Northeast lately. As telecommuting becomes easier and a huge percent of the population begins to think about where they want to live in retirement, Charlotte is a very attractive option. We have an international airport, professional football, professional basketball, minor league baseball, broadway shows, huge concerts, several universities, NASCAR, and lots of options for water sports. Plus, you are just 2-3 hours from the mountains, 3-4 hours from the beach, and some of the world's favorite places like Asheville, Charleston and the Outer Banks are in the Carolinas. With all of these amenities, you would think that Charlotte would be another unbearable city. But, it is either a small city or a very large town. There is still charm, southern hospitality, and the slower pace of a town. But, with all the convenience of a major city.

That charm and southern hospitality is a real thing. People open doors, say please and thank you, are genuine when they ask how you are doing, and will lend a hand when you need one. At first, the slower pace annoyed me a little. I grew up in a couple of the largest cities in the country and I wanted to skip the pleasantries, give instructions and be onto my next to-do. But, the pleasantries that I was so anxious to skip are....well, pleasant!! I've had more loyal, long term relationships with neighbors and help, than I have anywhere else I've ever lived. If you are moving from a fast-paced city, take a deep breath, know that the people asking all the questions are genuinely trying to get to know you, and enjoy letting go of some of that big city angst.

If you are moving to the area and need a real estate professional to help you find just the right niche for you, please let us know. We specialize in relocation because we have experienced so much relocation ourselves. It is our pleasure (really!) to help people get settled into the Charlotte area.

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