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Requiem Chevalier Vampire 11 Cbr

The protagonist is a German soldier during World War II named Heinrich Augsburg, who is killed on the Eastern Front facing the Soviet Army. He is sent to Résurrection after his death and is attacked by a mob of zombies. During the confrontation he meets a vampire who calls himself Otto von Todt and befriends him. Otto reveals he is a vampire and explains that now Heinrich has become a vampire as well. As the story progresses, Heinrich (now known as Requiem) discovers the world of Résurrection, its peoples and politics. He is however only interested in retrieving a woman he loved during his lifetime and who he knows by the name of Rebecca.

Requiem Chevalier Vampire 11 Cbr

The Cappadocians exist no more; most of the descendants of Cappadocius have been destroyed by the Giovanni after 1444. They were also known as "Ashurians". The remains of the Cappadocians form various bloodlines. The Harbingers of Skulls are probably the Cappadocians that responded to Cappadocius's call and were entraped (Feast of Folly, two millenia ago). They have recently been freed by The Capuchin are are back, as a Sabbat bloodline. They are described in Guide to the Sabbat and mentioned in Clanbook: Giovanni.The Infitiores are probably now the Samedi.The Lamia is another offshot of the Cappadocians, described in Dark Ages Companion. These female vampires were employed as warrior-servitors, the Lamia's bite was known for its devastatingly infectious qualities. They were wiped out by the Giovanni. Every one of the high priestesses of the Lamia bloodline was known as "Lamia". 350c69d7ab


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