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the report of the violation gave us an opportunity to examine the quality of the non-secure and unsecured communications, with a view to determining the risk of these internet-based attacks. within a short amount of time, we obtained a network of many sites that were repeating and refining the same instruction in several formats. after a minute of experimentation, it became clear that the source of this traffic was a website. for the most part, the front pages of the sites were encouraging visitors to visit a link on a different server. the final destination of the link was to an ip address on a single server. this server hosted a number of scripts that redirected visitors to another server. this server hosted what appeared to be a very common web crawler. no matter how we observed it, this server did not have any sensitive information, and we had no reason to view it as a source of malicious activities.

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for some products, adobe is a standalone company or a part of a company that includes other businesses. for example, adobe is part of the adobe systems incorporated. the programs listed here are included in the education/creative suite, and are software applications for educational institutions, small businesses and consumers.

delicate processes can be key to extending the life of a new generation of cloud service. consumers are shopping for services, evaluating them, and in some cases, migrating applications to cloud services.

the two days of activity produced three waves of infections. the first wave was on january 12 and 13. we were the first to publish a report on the activity on january 12 and 13. we considered this an exploration wave. on january 21, a malware command and control server was registered, and we identified this server as being part of the same network of infected sites.


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