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Copy Of Rbec 2002 Curriculum In The Philippines Pdfl

The National Elementary School Curriculum (NESC) 1983-2002TheNESC was considered the first research based curriculum in thecountry. Grades 1-3 > Filipino, English, Mathematics, Civics,and CultureGrade 3 > Science and Health was addedGrades 1-2 >Music, Arts, and Physical Education were integratedGrades 3 &up > MAPEH became a separated subjectThe contact time for eachsubject was increased, thus giving both the teachers and studentsmore time to develop the basic skills of literacy, numeracy, andalso values.Grades 4 & up > Home economics and LivelihoodEducation were added with Geography, History, Civics as forcontinuation of Civics and Culture.

Copy Of Rbec 2002 Curriculum In The Philippines Pdfl

The National Elementary School Curriculum (NESC) 1983-2002In aseries of consultations, seminars and workshops, the curriculumexperts identified the different contents, skills and values thatneeded to be learned by our elementary students. They called thesecompetencies.Minimum Learning Competencies (MLC)Mastery Learningwas emphasized in the NESCA child must be able to acquire therequired competencies with at least 75 % mastery. In other words, achild must be able to answer at least seven (7) out of tenquestions in a formative test.

According to Sec. of Education Raul Roco, the 2002 BEC was basedon a 16- year study (starting in 1986).Implementation of RBEC wasbased on Executive Order No. 46, which in turn was based on therecommendations of the Philippine Commission on Educational Reforms(PCER), created on Dec. 7, 1998.The restricting of the curriculumis part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of learning. Weare focusing on the basics of improving literacy and numeracy whileinculcating values across learning areas to make it dynamic. (RaulRococo)The 2002 BEC is a restricting and not a sweeping change ofthe elementary and secondary curricula (NESC & NSEC)

The implementation of the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum wasannounced in DepEd Order No. 25, s. 2002, issued on June 17,2002.The actual implementing guidelines were found in DepEd OrderNo. 43, s. 2002, dated Aug. 29, 2002.Less than a year later (onJune 12, 2002), a new curriculum (the Revised BEC) was signed intolaw.


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