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The Vollrath 97186 Cantilever bussing cart is ideal for use in food service businesses that need and rely on sturdy bussing carts. What makes this particular cart such a valuable addition to your operation is its combination of durability and versatility. Capable of holding three standard bus tubs, you can transport heavy loads of dirty dishes throughout your dining area with ease. It's also great for transporting tubs of meat for overnight marinating, making it a perfect choice for butcher shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. This bussing cart is constructed of a chrome tubular steel frame to ensure stability in a light weight design. Four 4" casters and a rounded handle make the cart easy to maneuver, while the two front-facing corner bumpers help protect walls and other surfaces from accidental dents and scratches. The bottom two shelves each have 13" of clearance for easy loading and unloading. Plus, because this cart is specifically sized to hold bus tubs, it boasts a smaller footprint than other multi-purpose carts with flat, rectangular shelves. Overall Dimensions: Length: 26 5/8" Width: 15 3/4" Height: 34 1/2"Shelf Clearance: 13"


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The Vollrath 97186 Cantilever Bussing Cart has three shelves with 13" between shelves. The cart has a chrome tubular steel frame and the swivel casters provide quiet and steady transport. 97186 is also made in the U.S.A.

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N1 - Funding Information:We thank the patients and their families who were willing to participate in the Prostate Cancer Donor Program. We acknowledge Drs Robert Vessella, Bruce Montgomery, Evan Yu, Elahe Mostaghel, Heather Cheng, Paul Lange, Martine Roudier and Lawrence True, and the tissue acquisition teams for their contributions to the University of Washington Prostate Cancer Donor Program. In addition, we thank Dr Eva Corey for access to LuCaP xenograft tissue and Belinda Nghiem for her technical expertise. This research was supported by funding from NIH grants R01CA174777 (to S.M.D.), U.S. Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program Transformative Impact Award W81XWH-15-1-0430 (to S.R.P. and S.M.D.), the Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer SPORE (P50CA97186 to P.S.N.), PO1 NIH grants (PO1CA085859 and PO1CA163227) and the Richard M. Lucas Foundation. T.M. was supported by NIH Medical Scientist Training Program grant T32GM008244.Publisher Copyright: 2016 The Author(s). 041b061a72


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