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The Benefits of Updating Your Huawei B260A Firmware | Updated Version Available

run the "tftpboot" application to transfer the firmware / software to the huawei b260a modem / access point device. the same can be done using a p.c. that has internet connectivity. if you are using an outdated version of firmware, or if the modem / access point device does not work properly, try the "fastboot" application. then run the "fastboot flashall" to update the operating system of the device.

huawei b260a firmware update | updated

unfortunately, this is not available for the huawei b260a modem / access point device . because of this, it is necessary to delete the firmware 846.11.438.01.105. this can be done in the following way: find the key "password" and write it down! then delete the second one (for the 846.105 firmware ) and delete the third one (for the 846.02.04 firmware ). then you should be able to delete the "lasttriptovegas0916" key and restart the device. this fixed the issue for me. thanks to kuba on the internet for this information!

repeat everything as listed below for a next firmware which is also in the form of a zip file. here is the url of the firmware:

for the download from the url, follow the instruction below:

once the mtd is overwritten, the fmc program does not continue to update the other components of the firmware. for example, the smc (system module control) version is the first to be updated. if you do not want to modify the bootloader and by hand the firmware, you can use the "zomb" program to do it automatically, this utility does not need root access (and it is simple and easy to use).


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