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Con cada vez que se tuesta la sal de bambú, 1, 2 o 9 veces, la calidad aumenta. Se eliminan más impurezas y aumenta la cantidad de minerales en la sal. El color también se vuelve cada vez más oscuro. Por eso a la sal quemada 9 veces se la denomina sal púrpura. Se necesitan 3 años para hacer sal de bambú quemada 9 veces!

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The MODIS burned area product is available for download in either HDF, GeoTIFF, or Shapefile format from the University of Maryland s server. Login credentials can be found in the User Guide on page 17.

For downloading the product files, you can use your current web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, or the command-line ftp and lftp utilities. For those desiring more flexibility, we recommend using special FTP software when downloading large amounts of data. You can use freely available software such as FileZillaClient3 or SmartFTP4 , both of which allow you to schedule the download to start at a later time.


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