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[S4E12] Show Stoppers

Elsa visits Jimmy again with Massimo. She injects Jimmy with penicillin while the men discuss prosthetics. Jimmy wants functional hooks, but Elsa convinces him of elegant function by showing him her legs. She says she trusts him and would have married him. He says his sin was loving her too much. He tells that he hunted down her Nazi assailants. Their leader, Dr Hans Grüper, caught him at the end and tortured him for months. Massimo escaped to Austria, and eventually America in 1947. He says that he now has no love to give her, due to his psychological trauma.

[S4E12] Show Stoppers

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The next morning, Chester lays out the new sequence for the show. The Tattler twins debate whether or not to believe the file while insisting they will no longer be his magic assistants. He says that the new change-up will be to saw them in half. After the twins refuse to participate in his trick, Maggie offers to take their place.

Jimmy recalls his juggling debut in Elsa's show in 1946 (in Dayton, Ohio), introduced by Ethel. He was nervous, but she urged him to show what makes her proud of him. Eve enters to inform Jimmy of Maggie's death. She also says Elsa is next to die that night. They examine the plans for Jimmy's new hands, and Eve expresses how happy she is for his new life.

Dandy arrives at the freak show: Elsa has sold him the show for $10,000, which he calls a pittance. He admits that show business is his dream, and demands Paul to fetch him a lemonade. Dandy looks over the big top, imagining the possibilities, and takes a bow. From the stage, he hears muffled noises and finds a mutilated Stanley (legless, armless, and tongueless) enclosed in a chicken coop, dressed as Meep.

No, she calls Dandy of all people to bail her out. Guess who owns the freak show now?! It is what he's always wanted, so I guess his life of crime has moved over for life in the limelight. Let's be real for a moment here: when the music swells and Dandy takes the stage and bows? That was the most perfect moment of this whole season. Maybe I love Dandy too much. I don't care.

It's all over next week, ladies and gents. I think we can rest assured that Elsa will survive. We did have that glimpse of her on a magazine from our brief Pepper (Naomi Grossman) adventures. Some people are claiming Chester's ledger from last week's episode is a clue for season five, but honesty, I don't have a theory on what show runner Ryan Murphy may have cooked up in his twisted brain.

Nothing about her is good or unselfish or concerned with the well-being of anyone but herself, which is clear given the fact that she sold the show to Dandy Mott, whether or not she knows about his bloody proclivities.

And speaking of that, the police do ONE SWEEP of the freak show and don't come back because they didn't find a man with no hands who escaped from police custody? "With no hands" is pretty pertinent information on a BOL so, if they haven't found him yet, they're not going to sniff around the tents some more? Really? No. That isn't how cop stuff works.

Now that Neil Patrick Harris was in charge of the freak show, he had BIG IDEAS about what the new setlist would be. But ever since Bette and Dot took a gander at the dossier Dandy had given them, they were much less enthused about being in his magic act.

But you know what they say, when one door closes, a girl with bad critical-thinking skills opens. Next thing we knew, Maggie was offering to be the girl sawed in half during the show. I guess to prove herself to the rest of the gang, or something? Anyway, it was a bad idea.

Guys, "Show Stoppers" was basically just a montage of revenge and comeuppance, but that is not a complaint. This season has been very meandering and structured in such a way as to make these late-in-the-game deaths seem almost beside the point. But at least stuff is happening! The promise of a one-and-done annual series reboot is that each story should absolutely conclude. We needed to see nothing less than the decimation of this freak show and most of its inhabitants, and that is definitely happening. So what will go down next week? How will Elsa finally attain that fame we were promised would happen? Will any other characters survive? Will there be a Lost-style afterlife reunion of all our beloved dead freaks? Only time will tell! And then we'll return to doing what we like best: Speculating about what the NEXT season of American Horror Story will be. A true American tradition.

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Only three episodes are left in the latest season of "American Horror Story," but it does not mean that things are slowing down. On the contrary, when the series returned after its winter hiatus, two new characters were introduced to add more color to the show.

Actor/ thespian Neil Patrick Harris appears as Chester, the new owner of the freak show carnival in Jupiter, Florida. He brought with him the doll named Marjorie, whose human form is portrayed by Jamie Brewer. These new shady characters seem to be the adding new threats in the already diminishing characters in the carnival.

In the upcoming episode of the show titled "Show Stoppers," Chester's and Marjorie's characters will be given further time in the spotlight. The official synopsis for "American Horror Story: Freak Show" reads:

Spoilers claim that the ruthless, murderous Dandy (Finn Wittrock) will approach the already smitten Tattler twins (Sarah Paulson) to tell them about Chester's dark past. There are also reports that the twins' lives are in grave danger, as Marjorie's jealousy springs after Chester sleeps with them. She will ask him to saw the girls in half. But apparently, the video teaser for the episode shows that Chester is sawing Maggie (Emma Roberts) instead, while Chester is hallucinating that he is seeing another woman inside the box.

While looking for the mayor's apple, Stingy almost falls from a tree. Stephanie manages to save him, but both wonder why Sportacus did not show up to help as he always does; this makes them suspect he could be in trouble. Soon, they discover Robbie setting up the cannon and learn about his plans while he is giving orders to his henchmen through his spying device. 041b061a72


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