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Sweet Blonde Teens

Selecting the perfect name for your newborn baby can be quite a challenging task! Many parents search for inspiration in nature, spirituality, or tradition. Choosing the right name for your blonde baby girl can actually be really fun, if you keep an open mind to different options. Not all fair-haired children start out blonde. Some of them start out with very little hair at all. Others have a thin layer of dark hair at birth, which gradually lightens over the first months of their life.

sweet blonde teens

Predicting your child's hair color isn't possible before birth, but genetics do play a big role. A fertilized egg (a zygote) typically contains 46 chromosomes: 23 from mom and 23 from dad. According to Healthline, hair and eye color are already locked in at this early stage. If both mom and dad are blonde, there's a pretty good chance that the baby will also be blonde. Even if the child's parents are not blonde, the blonde hair color gene can be passed on if any grandparents or siblings are blonde. If you are expecting your baby girl to have blonde hair, these names are worth considering in preparation!

This name comes with a super cute nickname, Maddie. Madison is an all-American name that can feel as upscale as it does outdoorsy. Madison was one of the Top 10 most popular girl names throughout the early 2000's, and is currently ranked at #26 on Nameberry's most popular names. Madison is somewhat trendier than Madeleine, although this works equally well for a blonde girl. Something about Madison just says "easy-going blonde curls." Of course, the name Madison is hugely popular now thanks to shows like Veronica Mars, Glee, and All My Children.

Mackenzie is a great name to bookmark if dad is blonde. The name Mackenzie has Scottish origins, which means, "son of the fair man." According to She Knows, Mackenzie has a Numerology Soul Urge number of 2, which indicates deep love, peace, and harmony. The Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowling chose Mackenzie for one of her characters.

You might want to wait a few years before telling little Avery that her name means "ruler of the elves." That said, knowing the meaning, there's definitely a fairytale magic to the name Avery. Many names beginning with the letter 'A' suit blondes and Avery is definitely one of them. Avery can be used for a girl or a boy, and is currently ranked at 18th most popular girl name, according to NameBerry. Dr. Phil has a granddaughter named Avery. The name ranked in at position #802 in 1990, so it's definitely gotten more popular since then.

A blonde girl may be blonde indoors, but the minute the sun shines on that hair, she is officially golden. Aurelia is a name that literally means "the golden one." It is a name of Latin origin, and definitely comes with a certain prestige. Aurelia was the mother to both Julius Caesar and Sylvia Plath. After 61 years outside of the Top 1000 names in the US, the name made a comeback in 2012. If she's golden-haired, Aurelia is an exquisite choice.

For parents who see a possibility of blonde hair (but just don't know), Blake is a perfect name option. Meaning both "fair-headed" and "dark," this classic English name has old-school elegance and simplicity. The name is also unisex. For girls, the name is currently ranked at position #222 on the Nameberry popularity charts. The name was made more popular by Gossip Girl Blake Lively in the past decade.

With a literal meaning of "blonde," the old English name Fairfax is unusual, strong, but 100% fitting for a modern baby. While many old-fashioned names that used to feel stuffy are back in trend, Fairfax is one of the most beautiful. Fairfax is an unusual but beautiful name choice. If you are looking for something unique and one of a kind, this is a great option.

While some sources link Aubrey to the word "elf," others link it to "blonde." Aubrey was quite a popular first name for girls during the Middle Ages. Aubrey can be used for either a girl or a boy, but is more common for girls. Nameberry listed this name as the 45th most popular girls name in 2019. It is a beautiful and original name for a little blonde girl!

Mothers have been naming their daughters after flowers for centuries. The beauty of a fresh, dewy flower is so simple and majestic. An English flower name, Lily is a name that suits blonde girls so perfectly. It's hard to picture a little Lily without a big smile on her face! The name Lily ranks 34th on Nameberry's most popular names for girls. Kate Beckinsale, Johnny Depp, and Chris O'Donnell have all chosen this name for their daughters.

The Irish origins of the name Cassidy literally mean "curly-haired." Of course, this gets a thousand times cuter when you shorten it to Cassie. Much like Carrie and Callie, names that begin with the letter 'C' seem to work really beautifully on blonde girls. Cassidy has just enough charm to represent a little girl with a big personality. The Mother-Daughter Book Club series had a girl named Cassidy. So does The Shield.

Some of us are lucky to have sunshine all year round. You don't have to live in sunny California or Arizona to choose the name Summer for your baby girl, though! This season-based name started trending in the 1970's, and it's been uphill for Summer ever since. Even dark-haired girls will find that their hair turns a little lighter after a lot of sunlight. For a baby girl who is blonde enough to pull off the summer look all year round, this name is just perfect.

Cute as a button and full of images that bring up sweet meadows, Dusty is one of those names that is just so right for a blonde baby girl. The name first became popular with the singer, Dusty Springfield. If that last name doesn't prove our point, we don't know what does. In 2016, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo and Maroon 5's Adam Levine chose Dusty for their baby daughter. If your maternal instinct wants your baby to feel nature and have a name that reflects it, Dusty is fantastic.

If anyone is proving that "God Is A Woman" right now, it's Ariana Grande. Ariana is a name that shot up to #66 in popularity in 2018. The name may be popular on account of the beautiful and talented Ariana Grande, but the meaning is just as beautiful. Ariana is an Italian variation of Ariadne, which means "most holy." From art museums to Harry Potter characters, the name Ariana has been used to represent just this. It's beautiful for a blonde.

Most people are aware that Evie is a shortened version of Eva. What most people don't know is that the meaning of Evie is "life." For a name that will forever be a reminder of the gift of life, Evie is as powerful as it is perfect. Evie is currently ranked at #329 on the most popular girls names list, according to Nameberry. Little Evie was born to be blonde.

Full of purity, great virtue, and humble kindness, Grace is a name that mothers have been choosing for centuries. With a Latin meaning of "virtue," the name Grace has been given to mythical figures, the Princess of Monaco, and many little blondes. By the year 1875, Grace was the 11th most-popular name in Victorian England. Then again, celebrities like Mike Wahlberg and Christy Turlington have chosen Grace for their baby girls. For a blonde bundle of joy, it's a beautiful pick.

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